Windows app (Win 32) deployment



I deployed 7-zip using windows app (win 32)

Assignment – As required to devices

It got installed and intune mangagement extension is also available in endpoints.

When i see the status in the console it shows – Failed.


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  1. I left more than 3 hours and it dint sync.
    Initially I used detection method as “file”
    Please let me know any other thing I need to check.

  2. Great i found very interesting blog from Joymalya in Anoop blog “Intune management extension level 3 guide”

    I got info that IME wont re-evaluate to correct it in subsequent sycn cycles.
    But for required application – There is good chance that it will be corrected in subsequent sync cycles.

    Could you please confirm how often this sync cycle occurs ?
    Will this get synced automatically later ?

  3. Hello – This is a known issue with Firefox MSI.

    It is same situation with SCCM deployment

    FIX Firefox Installation Failed SCCM Reporting Issue

    Try to change the detection method

    that might help

  4. Failed – Application was not detected after installation completed 0x87D1041C

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