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Hi All,

I am using Windows Autopatch to keep my organization’s devices updated. Most machines are updating great and have been pushed to Windows 22H2.
However, about 12% of the devices have a status of “Out of Servicing”. Most of these machines have checked in over the last few days, but they are still on an older OS build. I even went to one of the machines and tried to run the update manually, but I was told there were no updates available. This device is on Windows 10 20H2. What can I do to get these machines to begin accepting updates again?
Thanks in advance

Posted by  Paul Rudy in HTMD FB Group



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  1. Replied by Keyur Shah

    Use the Windows feature update policy

    Replied by Steven Hosking

    What rings are they in, and do you have any feature update policies under release management?

    Replied by Kenny Go

    I am in the same boat as you

    Replied by Keyur Shah…/Windows10.0-kb5015684…

    Replied by Keyur Shah…/kb5015684-featured…

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