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Created windows update feature policy and feature deployment settings to Windows 10 1903. Assigned to devices.

Setup : 2 Windows 10 azure domain joined,1 WIndows 10 ad registered device and 1 Windows 10 device MDM enrollment.

After syncing intune policy to all devices.

1 Windows 10 domain joined and 1 Windows 10 device MDM enrolled got installed feature update 1903 and rebooted.

1 Windows 10 domain joined got feature update 1909 installed. Snap attached for reference.

No feature installed on azure registered device.

Checked the event log no policy got applied related to feature update on azure registered device.


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Please suggest where i have done wrong.I followed the video for feature update.


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    Thanks Anoop. 1909 feature update already available when it tries for update scanning.


    I think I provided the same answer for the other question you raised

    The above screen shot won’t help … pls check the following points:-

    Pls check the troubleshooting steps mentioned in the video below

    Event logs

    And let’s us know the details so that we can try to help

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