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I have query regards to MS Intune Windows Update ring. Under Windows update ring there are three tabs Device State, User State and End user update state.

under end user update state when i am checking not all enrolled system replicating. Can you please help me to understand how exactly it’s function and does it’s change status flag on the basis of quality and feature update only or it’s also consider other updates like which are for MS Office, DotNet etc.

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  2. Did you already get your answers ?

    I think the details are explained as part of articles below

    I agree most of things are not documented but I think this is path Microsoft promises in the last years ignite about granularity in WUfB reporting

    windowsUpdateStatus enum type….Windows update for business configuration device states

    upToDate 0 There are no pending updates, no pending reboot updates and no failed updates.

    pendingInstallation 1 There are updates that’s pending installation which includes updates that are not approved. There are no Pending reboot updates, no failed updates.

    pendingReboot 2 There are updates that requires reboot. There are not failed updates.

    failed 3 There are updates failed to install on the device.

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