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Hi Team,

We are observing that some devices in our environment are getting updated to 20H2. Below is our setup.

1, Ours is co-managed environment.

2, We have Intune feature update policy which we have policy excluded for the version 20H2.

3, The work load for ” windows update ” is set to the SCCM. And we have not deployed any 20H2 related feature update from SCCM. And also not manually updated.

Our query is, some devices are getting updated to 20h2, not sure how it is getting updated. Just we need to know figure out by which way the updates are flowing. Please advise.

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    an example, If you have not restricting Windows 10 users to got to Setting:Windows Update and press Check for Updates – then Windows get Feature Update offered and installed even if user is not local admin. And if sccm client somehow beeing unmanaged becAuse connection issues with management point for many weeks it could also getting orphan like a lost kitty and lice their own life….

  1. I think it’s worth checking sccm logs because you mentioned that Windows updates workload is set to sccm in co-management configuration.

    I start with updatedeployment.log to understand which are the updates deployed to that Windows 10 machine

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