Windwos enrollment restriction


I understand that Windows enrollment restriction with Intune can only be determined by AutoPilot enrollment or not.
The purpose is to realize BYOD registration restriction using Conditional Access and Intune like iOS and Android.
For example, BYOD basically blocks. In order to realize the scenario of passing it when there is an application, it can not be realized without installing a certificate, right?
For iOS and Android, you can do it by registering IMEI or serial number in Device restriction.
There are so many requests like this in a pandemic situation, I would be happy if you could tell me how you are supporting Windows BYOD.

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    Intune Enrollment restrictions are not dependant on Autopilot service directly.

    1. CYO (not BYOD) = Azure AD Joined devices for Windows, DEP Devices for iOS, Android Enterprise Enrollment for Android devices.

    2. BYO – All the above enrollment scenarios are treated as CYOD. The rest of the enrollment scenarios are treated as BYOD.

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