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Hi All,

Hi everyone, I’m stuck on this screen after sending the wipe command from Intune. It keeps loading and loading the screen below. It only happened with random computers, let’s say I sent a wipe command to 5 devices, and only 2 devices had an issue.
Do you know how to re-install OS from the cloud? We’re a remote company, and the user doesn’t know how to re-install from USB.
Note: They are all enrolled via the AutoPilot method.
Thank you in advance !!!

Posted by Tùng Lê in HTMD FB Group

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  1. Replied by Andre Williams

    Shift F10 to command prompt c:sysprep / generalize

    Replied by Chris Vine

    I’ve seen this as a common fault of autopilot, unfortunately

    Replied by Peter Soule

    As others have said, reinstall with good media. Literally half of the machines I’ve reset had this.
    Or system reset -factory reset, I think it does less than the other method…

    Replied by Vishal Wasandi

    Use HP Sure Recover or Dell self-heal, according to the hardware you have. Talk to the vendor more about it.

  2. Replied by Rudy Ooms

    Steven Hosking, yep this

    Replied by Tommy Herman

    Steven Hosking Had to do that on a number of Dell a couple of years back.

    Replied by Marcel van der Markt

    Steven Hosking set the disk in bios to ahci mode

    Replied by Steven Hosking

    Marcel van der Markt, or just load the right driver into the recovery partition and fix it without needing to manually touch every computer and change the default

  3. Replied by Seenivasan Balaji

    Tùng Lê, yes, in that case, try with USB installation of OS as this may be a corruption

    Replied by Seenivasan Balaji

    Tùng Lê also try a few times over your Ethernet cable connection if the CDN is not reachable

    Replied by Steven Hosking

    You need to install the storage driver, is my guess, as some vendors don’t include it in the winter partition. You can do this by booting into a WinPE and then installing the driver with deism on the broken computer, and then for other devices, you might need to push out a process to install the driver into the Win

  4. Replied by Seenivasan Balaji

    Autopilot Reset will be the right way for these devices to wipe. Here proceed with the first option to get into the recovery option and look for an option to cloud OS install

    Replied by Tùng Lê

    Seenivasan Balaji, I tried without luck.
    – If I choose ‘Continue’, it will lead to this screen again
    – If I choose ‘Troubleshoot’ > Reset PC > Reset from cloud > it says, ‘There was a problem when resetting your PC. No changes were made

    Replied by Maximilian Stein

    Sounds like there may be an OS issue with those devices specifically, and may need to manually reinstall the OS to resolve.

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