Wondering if anyone can guide me in the right direction


Hi All,

Good day everyone, wondering if anyone could guide me in the right direction, to start off, I have very little knowledge of hybrid ad and intune since the guy before who was managing this is gone, and I am inheriting his task.
I am going to deploy Intune to our hybrid Azure ad with 1k+ users, the main goal is to have everyone onboarded to Intune.
Now the concern is I have a parent domain and a child domain, each having 2 DCs. Do I need to install the Intune connector to both domains and also add the enrollment that came to their DCs?
Suppose I want to deploy this first to a small group, should I move them first to another OU? or can I just scope it to a group in the MDM scope for intune enrollment?
Also, there are some machines that have several users using them, is multi-user Intune deployment applicable to them? I understand that the applicable Intune deployment is user-driven since self-deployment is not supported in a hybrid scenario.
Sorry for the numerous questions, I can’t find a related article atm, hope someone can guide me on how to attack this, tysm!

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  1. Replied by Pavel Yannara Mirochnitchenko

    Do anything to avoid autopilot hybrid! You need it only if some special software requires AD authorization via computer accounts instead of user accounts. The chance for that is 0,5%

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