Hi Anoop,

I have a couple of question on WuFB and would you be kind to clarifying those.

1. The windows update policy status says Pending for many days, even after many successful sync.
2. The Update status of the client is “Failed” when checked under “Endpoint Manager Admin Center–>Devices–>Windows Update Ring–>End User update status”
3. The Update status when checked from Update compliance blade gives me as “Unknown” with “DeploymentError” empty.
4. How do I troubleshoot why this policy is not getting applied on the client? Also, please provide a link to study and understand troubleshooting for clients where policy is applied, updates status in update compliance is “unknown” or “Failed” and deploymenterror is empty.

5. Once patches has been installed how frequent Popup notification shows on device. does it prompt single time with default days which is configured.

6. How Windows Update “last scan time” work, could you please help with any artical where flow is defined, As this scan time does not changes even after system manual sync.

Also i have observed when system is enrolled to Intune some time it’s shows compliance status as “Not Evaluated”, same is not change after multiple manual sync or after default sync.

This has been a new topic for me and I would appreciate your help in understanding the topic.
Thanks in Advance.

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  1. Are you able to get the answers to your questions?

    The client-side of WUfB is the same as other patching methods and the Windowsupdate logs (using powershell command) or event logs might help you to troubleshoot further.


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