Job Opportunity | HCL Lucknow is hiring for Application Packaging L2/L3


Hello All,

HCL Lucknow is hiring for Application Packaging L2/L3 profiles-

L2 candidates should have-

1- Proficiency in Admin Studio/Install shield
2- Knowledge of VB/WMI/Batch scripting, Powershell scripting, etc
3-Windows server (7,8,10)good understanding, familiar with UAT environment.
4-Citrix AppDNA tool-practical experience

L3 candidates should have-

1-Experience in Windows 7/8/10 migration projects
2-Knowledge of Admin Studio/Install shield
3-Expertise in VB/WMI scripting, Powershell as mentioned for L2
4-Expertise in Application Virtualization Technologies, App-V 4.6, 5.0, packaging of Terminal Server Applications, etc

send resumes to [email protected] if seeking an opportunity in Lucknow location only.

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