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As we all are aware that Adobe flash flayer would be reaching the end of life as confirmed earlier by the vendor around the end of this year or Jan 2021.

My management is worried and wants to know about the operation risk of it and also would like us to come up with a plan to mitigate it in the coming future.

Since Many admins are facing the same situation can someone help me with the operational risk and a plan that they might be opting in their organization as a standard practice?

Thanking you in advance.


Arvind Dubey



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  1. Management should read the thread

    and ask questions to Adobe 🙂 as per them, there is no potential risk because

    Customers should not use Flash Player after the EOL Date since it will not be supported by Adobe. 😀

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    • Also possible that if your organization approach Adobe with a suitcase of money (how much not sure), then will extend the support 🙂


        I am sure of it that they won’t cause they are reluctant to give to us too :D.

        Moreover, they should give some of that anonymous suitcase portion to us than giving it to Adobe :D.

        Anyway Anoop my sincere thanks to you for your guidance :).

        Arvind Dubey


      Dear Anoop,

      Thanks a lot for your precious time and reply with this.

      The thread you have referenced made the answer crystal clear and I have forwarded the same to management :).

      Like you said i drafted my viewpoint just like this that “management should not use Adobe after the EOL” 😀

      Thanks a lot for your precious and vital expertise and guidance on this.

      Best Regards,
      Arvind Dubey

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