Cannot enable bitlocker in fixed drive during OSD on desktops


Hi All,

i use the built in bitlocker steps twice for enabling c drive and D drive in SCCM task sequence with only one condition SMSTSWTG not equql True. In laptops it got successfully encrypted in both drives. But in desktops its a different story only c drive got successfully encrypted in d drive its not encrypted. In SMSTS log we cant find any error. Please help If have missed anything



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    Hello Jitesh

    We already enable the wait option in bitlocker steps. In smsts log we cant find the bitlocker completion steps. . We given the destination in preprovision step as Next available format .



      Could you please share the logs as well as ensure no other policies are preventing when deployment finishes!

      If you also had enabled any encryption policy from AD GPO that also might cause an issue, we need more details from your configuration end to understand the scenario


        “Configure use of passwords for fixed data drives” settings enabled in GPO. but this issue is random. Fixed drive successfully got encrypted in laptops and in some desktop.

        FYI:- I cant able to attach the logs using, is it possible to attach the file as txt or log format.


    Hello Vivek, What exactly it showing in logs when steps executed.. Share the logs with us using

    If you encrypt the OS and data drives in the same task sequence, select the Wait option on the Enable BitLocker step for the OS drive.


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