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Hello team,

I wanted to know if there is an option to suspend a task sequence in SCCM with MDT integrated like the way it is in MDT where it puts a resume icon on desktop.

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    Yes! The option you were looking for is working with standalone MDT. To use in MDT\SCCM Integrated environment you can either use the debug TaskSequence which is already shared by Kannan.

    You can also add the Pause Task Sequence step If you wish to hold the task sequence for some time being! Let us update with your scenario for further help.

    Note – You can ignore the above-shared steps by me! That only demonstrates how can you use the Resume icon in MDT.


      Thanks for the response Jitesh.
      My requirement is to suspend the TS>Install updates manually>resume capture..Using MDT integrated SCCM TS…
      If there is a possibility..


        Thank you for replying! May I know how basically you proceeding for capture process using TS ? Any specific reason in your mind to hold and Install Updates manually?
        That will be helpful for us to address this


          Hi Jitesh, I am capturing through task sequence, there is a mini TS that runs to patch it which runs the baselines. Due to some reason that baseline is not working, that is why I wanted to apply a suspend and patch it manually.


    Hello, You can add a step into the task sequence with the following command line:

    cscript.exe %SCRIPTROOT%\LTISuspend.wsf

    When this step runs, you’ll see a popup dialog on the screen, there will be a “Resume Task Sequence” shortcut on the desktop that should be used to eventually restart the task sequence from the next step after the suspend step.

    Add into a task sequence during the “State Restore” phase activities, it will allow you to temporarily suspend the task sequence.

    Reference link –


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