Certificate Missing During Windows 10 Upgrade Process


Some users  confirm certificate missing during a feature update to Windows 10 version 1909, Not limited to 1909 feature update, also the same for 20h2

Workaround –

  • Rollback to previous OS.
  • Admins may be successful initiating an uninstall (i.e. OS rollback) remotely within the 10 day window (default but configurable that can completely disabled. Point: ) using DISM.


In a Microsoft Q&A forum thread, JoyQiao-MSFT has confirmed this issue has been reported to Microsoft. Microsoft engineer is testing and analyzing the issue on different environment, please wait for some time and try the following action.

Refer this thread 

Updated with Tweet by David James on Oct 30

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  1. Update – Microsoft has fixed the certificate issue in the feature update for Windows. You will now see a new 1909, 2004, 20H2 in #WSUS and #ConfigMgr. Your old updates will be superseded.


    That’s Good information Jitesh, thanks for sharing.

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