Content distribution failure on a newly configured DP


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We ran into a situation where we are trying to distribute package to a remote DP and all the packages are failing to get distributed successfully!!

Upon checking the distmgr log it says “distribution manager failed to find or create the defined share or folder () on distribution point”. We checked and everything appears to be fine with the DP and it has more than 700 GB of free space with the proper drive also while doing the wbemtest from primary server to local Dp it says “ RPC server isn’t available with error code 0x800706ba”.

We have checked and firewall and all the ports are opened even checked the service account and all of them have been made as the local admin for the remote DP.

Can someone help by sharing their experience to deal with this !!

Thanking in advance !!


Arvind Dubey

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    This certainly is port issue, check all ports but first check RPC port 135.

  1. I still doubt this one ” RPC server isn’t available with error code 0x800706ba”

    Can you confirm which are the port that are already checked? TCP 49152-65535 opened? More details –

    Can you confirm all the ports for DP are opened ? Details


      HI Anoop,

      Thanks a lot for giving your precious time on this !!

      Yes, I did refer to one of your post on Technet and made sure the TCP port 49152 and 65535 were opened and i also created both inbound and outbound rule for both the port but still haven’t had any luck with it :(.

      Also since RPC communicate over port 135 we did the telnet was confirmed it was listening to over that port.

      Currently, we disabled the firewall on that site server to rule out any blockage possibilities from a firewall perspective but still, we haven’t had any luck with it.

      We even tried connecting to WMI using WBEMTEST from the affected DP to the primary server and it worked for us just fine but it is failing to connect to WMI from primary server to remote server WMI.

      We even checked and all the standard ports used for DP and RPC are opened on this just like any other DP. Also when we tried to uninstall the DP it gave us the same error code saying DP uninstallation is unsuccessful.

      Is there something i am missing? Need your expertise with it.

      Arvind Dubey

      • Thank you for the details.

        I should have been more clearer ..the ports in between TCP port 49152 and 65535 are the default range of dynamic ports. So you need all those ports.

        I think the only option left to take a network trace and analyze the same to find where in the network it’s getting blocked.

        I don’t think turning off the firewall application will help here. It’s more to do with a firewall device in your network between those two servers.

        Best answer

          Thanks a bunch, Anoop for the confirmation :)!!

          Like you suggested we have involved the Microsoft network team for this case as our internal network team was struggling to find any cause behind this.

          Thanks again Anoop for your amazing expertise hope to have your guidance going ahead too.

          Arvind Dubey

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