Request assistance on Creating OSD answer file to customize User interaction in WINPE


As i am beginner on SCCM, could you please assist me that how to create OSD answer file that will be used to customize user interaction like OS language,OU,computer name,keyboard settings,choosing required applications on windows PE environment itself?

Your help is much appreciated. Thank you!

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    Thank you Jitesh.. Please close the post 🙂


    UDI Wizard is the way to go about your requirement and not an answer file. Answer file doesn’t allow the user to choose anything in WinPE.

  1. Look for the UDI Wizard option that have shared above!

  2. Hello Nanda, Can you please check the below post for customizing AnswerFile!


    You can use the UDI Wizard to achieve this easily!


      Hi Jitesh,

      Do you meant that UDI wizard is different from the customizing Answer File link above?

      If yes, please let me know how to create and establish UDI wizard to achieve above things?


        Hi Jitesh,

        I have gone through the link above and it was helpful and effective too.

        I would request you to suggest below things as this is my current situation on real time 🙂

        1.How can i edit an existing answer file (sysprep.xml) that is used for existing image from sccm console (image already deployed to production) ?

        2. Is it possible to add some applications on answer file to install it along with image ? .. If yes, pls advise the process ?

        Thanks a ton jitesh…

        • 1. Yes! you can modify the existing unattended.xml files, First keep your answer file in another location. Open WISM, Click File > Open Answer File. Follow the mentioned process.

          Note – Make a copy of your files to avoid issue.

          2. Application installation through answer file is bit tricky! Why you want to do through this method…. Instead you can directly create application or package add to Task Sequence. How you want to achieve this, Do you want to allow user to choose & install or what ?

          For UDI Wizard Refer Part I & II –


            Yes exactly.. i have a requirement from client that there should be applications list during user interaction window (OOBE) that has both mandatory and optional list of applications. user can choose optional appilications and other aplications will install as mandatory .

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