Dell laptop 5310 starting to imaging using Offline TS ISO image ..TS having Reboot in Win Pe, Partitioning, Apply OS, Drivers and setup and config manager setup.After completing the setup and config manager setup laptop rebooted and starting again from USB ..


I go through the smsts.log says “property OSD TARGETDRIVECACHE is now =Dirty “..please suggest a solution…Am trying to 1909 imaging and using 8456 MDT Version and 1903 ADK version…Smsts.log

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  1. Do you have any update! Is same behaviour with all machines or repeated in same model ? Add more details that will help to understand

  2. I don’t think Group Policy is causing the issue.

    I think CHKDSK is causing the issue …during the OSD

    Is this only happening with one machine or other machines also having same issue?


    Sorry am not using any GP or application..I Just created the ISO as OS only


    In the task sequence I did use any Group policy and any application.. I just deploy the OS alone with setup and config manager step..

    TS Steps
    Reboot in PE
    Apply Windows
    Setup and config manager step

    After reboot again starting from first.

  3. Dirty error message refers to the fact that the CHKDSK operation on your computer did not go through dues to potential corruption of hard drive’s sectors…

    You have two options

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