Dell logo boot loop during OSD


Hi Team,

PFA, OS build is getting struck at dell logo boot loop. tried to search the blogs but unable to find the fix please help me on this.


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    Hello, yes you should try BIOS update first.
    But can you tell at which step it is getting stuck at Dell logo? Is it reboot when coming out of winpe?
    I faced issue while ago during setup configmgr and windows step and during that phase it joins machine to a domain so can be related to network as well.

    Have you checked smsts.log?


      In our case its getting struck after completion of all task sequence steps. no error entries on smsts log since TS is not failing.

      Our Local IT confirmed that BIOS version update to latest version fixed the issue. thanks for the response.

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    we requested our Local IT technician to upgrade BIOS to latest version and give a try. will it fix the issue ?

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