deploy OSD task sequence to devices joined


How to deploy OSD task sequence to devices joined to workstation. Will the application and other configuration steps of task sequence will be implemented as they usually get installed by taking content from dp

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    We have new devices which we first want to join to Workgroup through USB iso and after that manually we will join to domain.


    I guess you mean devices joined to work-group ?

    If so, are these machines now managed by SCCM and you want to deploy TS to this ?

    If they are well managed being in work group with appropriate boundaries and certs (for communication) they should be able to get the content from DP like normal.

    Please elaborate more on the question

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    Hope you mean WORKGROUP?

    Do you already have SCCM client installed on the device?

    I don’t think there is any straight forward way to achieve this.

    I’m not 100% about your requirement

    Can you please explain ?

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