‘Failed to insert OSD binaries into the WIM file’ error when you create a new MDT Boot Image

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Hello Experts,

When you trying to create a new boot image using MDT (or select the ‘create a new boot image package’ option in ‘Create MDT Task Sequence’ wizard) you get the following error:

Started processing.
Creating boot image.
Copying WIM file.
Mounting WIM file.
WIM file mounted.
Setting Windows PE system root.
Set Windows PE system root.
Set Windows PE scratch space.
Adding standard components.
Adding component: winpe-mdac
Adding extra content from: C:UsersxxxxAppDataLocalTempwmquafaq.hbp
Unmounting WIM.
Copying WIM to the package source directory.
Creating boot image package.
Error while importing Microsoft Deployment Toolkit Task Sequence.

Failed to insert OSD binaries into the WIM file

Microsoft.ConfigurationManagement.ManagementProvider.WqlQueryEngine.WqlQueryException: The SMS Provider reported an error. —> System.Management.ManagementException: Generic failure
at System.Management.ManagementException.ThrowWithExtendedInfo(ManagementStatus errorCode)
at System.Management.ManagementObject.Put(PutOptions options)
at Microsoft.ConfigurationManagement.ManagementProvider.WqlQueryEngine.WqlResultObject.Put(ReportProgress progressReport)
— End of inner exception stack trace —
at Microsoft.ConfigurationManagement.ManagementProvider.WqlQueryEngine.WqlResultObject.Put(ReportProgress progressReport)
at Microsoft.ConfigurationManagement.ManagementProvider.WqlQueryEngine.WqlResultObject.Put()
at Microsoft.BDD.Wizards.SCCM_ImportTaskSequenceTask.DoWork(SmsPageData smspageData, Dictionary`2 data)

Can anyone help me out ? If you are looking for more information on the scenario , Please let me know I’ll detail out.

Thanks in advance.

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  1. No response hence closing the thread

  2. Hello Swathi,

    It could be many possible reason for this error! Try to check the resolution & added comments listed here –


    Examine or share smsprov.log after looking into above shared link that would be helpful to troubleshoot further! Keep us update


      I checked and applied all resolutions, but none have corrected the issue.Share and NTFS permissions are alright for the System Account.
      As you said I have gone through the smsprov.log and here are error messages in log.
      Failed to copy file ‘\\XXXX\SMS_CAR\OSD\\bin\x64\NBCacheActions.exe’ to ‘C:\Windows\TEMP\BootImages\{15D10C2C-6847-458D-9C80-BCE1D3F60F62}\mount\sms\bin\x64\NBCacheActions.exe’
      Checking for alternate file for ‘NBCacheActions.exe’
      ERROR> Failed to copy OSD files.
      Commited changes made in boot image
      Unmounted boot image
      *~*~..\sspbootimagepackage.cpp(4322) : Failed to insert OSD binaries into the WIM file~*~*
      *~*~Failed to insert OSD binaries into the WIM file ~*~*
      Auditing: User xxxx called an audited method of an instance of class SMS_BootImagePackage.
      CExtUserContext::LeaveThread : Releasing IWbemContextPtr=-1764708608

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