Feature Upgrade Windows 10 Enterprise – 20H2 – Failing at Step : Update Operating System Check


Experts, Please suggest me on the error. Could not find much on google on this error : “Failed to delete previous value SetupProgress of reg key SYSTEMSetupMoSetupVolatile”

SMSTS.log few more details :

->Command line of Windows setup upgrade: ‘”C:windowsccmcache1pSETUP.EXE” /ImageIndex 3 /auto Upgrade /quiet /noreboot /DynamicUpdate Disable /compat IgnoreWarning /compat ScanOnly ‘
->Failed to delete previous value SetupProgress of reg key SYSTEMSetupMoSetupVolatile

-> Could not read Windows Setup progress regkey value ‘SetupProgress’ at ‘HKLMSYSTEMSetupMoSetupVolatile’. Stopping UI progress. (0x800703fa)

->Windows upgrade progress: 14%

->Windows setup completed with exit code hexadecimal 0xC1900208 (decimal 3247440392) 

-> Windows Setup in ‘scanOnly’ mode returned exit code hexadecimal 0xC1900208 ( decimal 3247440392). Failing task sequence step.

-> Failed to run the action: Upgrade Operating System – Check. Error -2147467259

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    Glad to know its helpful! Marking as solved.


    Hi Jitesh, Thanks for that Man.

    Now, I am able to find out why it is failing. Oracle VM VirtualBox 5.2.4 was on the machine and it is not compatible with Win10 20h2 and so, stopping on feature update to proceed.

    I got this info from the following location.
    c:\$WINDOWS.~BT\Sources\Panther\ CompatData_2021_04_30_17_29_19_3_006f0018.xml”

    This link : https://www.anoopcnair.com/windows-10-deployment-upgrade-process-logs/ helped me to got more on it.

    Many Thanks,

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    Hi Jitesh, Thank you for the quick response. I am seeing this on few not on many machines. I will start looking at the logs you have mentioned apart from the sccm logs.

    Many Thanks,


    Hello Suman,

    The error code 0xC1900208 – Indicates that an incompatible app installed on your PC, That might be blocking the upgrade process. I would recommend you start looking at logs for more details –
    + https://www.anoopcnair.com/windows-10-deployment-upgrade-process-logs/

    How many such indent occurs ? like devices failed to upgrade!

    Please check, provide details and upload the logs using snipboard.io for further help.

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