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I’m trying to upgrade windows 10 machines from 1511 to 1909 using feature upgrade patch push But sadly the policy doesn’t reach machine only for this but rest of all other applications task sequence reaches machine

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    Do you mean windows 10 update ring policy?
    The following prerequisites must be met to use Windows updates for Windows 10 devices in Intune.

    Windows 10 PCs must run the following Windows 10 versions:

    Windows 10 update rings: version 1607 or later
    Windows 10 feature updates: version 1709 or later

  1. Any update on this thread? Are you able get any resolution on this pls?


    Hello, Could you please add more details in questions ?


      I’m creating as a package of feature upgrade and pushing to machine. However machine which are 1511 and 1607 are not getting these patches


    Let us know what are the troubleshooting steps you followed already?

    1. How did you push the patch?
    2. Are you using an in-place upgrade task sequence
    3. Are you using Windows 10 servicing ? https://www.anoopcnair.com/configmgr-enable-windows-10-servicing-using-sccm/ If so, do you have everything configured mentioned in the post?

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