Few desktop Icon missing Feature update 1909


We are in testing of UAT for Feature update from 1803 to 1909.

After upgrade some desktop Icon missing.This is the part of Windows 10 customization.

Missing Icon not available in Recycle Bin.

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    Hi Anoop,

    Sorry for late reply.

    we are using Software Update for Business approach.No roaming profile configure.

    Found the cause is that. Computer name set by registry entry and after upgrade it’s rename Windows folder as Windows_Old. That’s why it missing.

    Workaround testing to Deploying “set computer name” as package

    Any Suggestion welcome.

  1. No reply hence closing the thread

  2. How are you updating to 1909?

    IPU (Upgrade Task Sequence)?
    Software Update for Business?

    In both the scenarios, have you confirmed whether there is any roaming profile policy that is configured from the domain level?

    Is this happening with all the users or only one user?

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