How to enable M365 License for multiple devices


Hi Team,

How we can enable M365 license for VM’s,In our setup we have E5 license active but whenever we tried using office products in different instance it’s looking for validation.

M365 activation deals with user based rather than device based and it cant be exceeds more than 5 devices.Please provide us solution is there any way to enablepurchase M365 device based activation.

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  1. No reply hence closing the thread

  2. Why is this question in OSD Section?

    office 365 is user based license as per my understanding.

    User Should have office 365 mailbox and appropriate licenses.

    Why you want to use device based license of office 365


      Thanks for addressing anoop,Sorry i did’t find any category related to office :(..

      We have E5 subscription in my setup and I have assigned users to use this subscription. However, whenever a new user launches Office on a new machine in our network for the first time, a Window pops up asking to click on ‘Activate’ button. I am using Excel app on HPC server (workbook offloading) and this is causing us a lot of problems because unless the user logs into each of the nodes (could be 10+ nodes) and press ‘activate’, the spreadsheet doesn’t run and HPC throws exceptions that Office is not activated.

      Is there a way to get around this problem – i.e. Excel gets activated automatically without a need to press the ‘Activate’ button?

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