How to install Whiteboard app during the windows 10 os installation


Dear Team,

Could someone please help to provide the methods or ways of installing Whiteboard app during windows 10 operating system installation.

As it is a store app, I want to make sure every build machines should come out with this app installation.

Thanks in advance!!!

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    Hello Jitesh,

    I’m still doing testing, from one way i was able to achieve my requirement using the install application in task sequence during the build itself.

    Have other options to explore and will share you once it is completed.

  1. Hello, Had you already checked the way mentioned in below post for .appx package deployment. You can also create a package with a standard program and add an Install Package step in TaskSequence.



      Hi Jitesh,

      Thanks for your quick update.
      I don’t want to use deployment mechanism here, rather i want to make it as a installable package.
      At present we are utilizing the feature from SCCM to push and content will download from the microsoft only.

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