How to PXE boot though C-Type Network Adaptor


Hi Team,

I have a Dell Laptop latitude 5421 whose network adaptor is C-type, Now I am struggling to boot though PXE boot from C-Type network adaptor, Although I inject Realtek network USB family adaptor driver in the boot image file but I noticed it is not working.

May you please guide me how to boot though C-Type network adaptor.


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  1. I can see you posted other issue with PXE booting … are you using the same c-type usb network card to perform all the OSD PXE boot scenarios..? If so this could clearly cause the issues because duplicate MACID… this C-type network card’s MACID is going to be the same for different device you connect (I assume)

    I tried to quickly create a post to help you with this scenario

    Let me know whether this helps?

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