I am trying to install OS on Dell 7440 model but getting error during applying Windows setting step.Attached smsts.log


smsts. smsts. log files attached.

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    Is this the first time you are building model 7440?If yes first check the BIOS settings which you are using in your environment like Boot sequence,secure boot,Sata operation with other models etc.

    Follow below steps:
    1.Once machine boots up in WinPE press F8 and type DISKPART.
    2. Once you are in DISKPART enter list disk ,this will show you how many disk Laptop has and how much total space and free space it has. Check for disk 0 how much free space it is showing.
    3. If laptop has more than 1 disk see on which drive you will use ad primary, if you are using disk 0 then check the Task sequence and see ‘Format and Partition(UEFI)’ section and you are formatting this disk only, selected as 0, also have you defined model in ‘Format and Partition(UEFI)’ line in task sequence if you are using this option.
    4. Below are the commands that needs to be done in sequence and then continue with installation
    List disk
    Select disk 0
    create partition primary
    select partition 1
    format quick fs=ntfs
    5. Once you are done with above commands proceed with image build.

    Let us know how it goes.

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    Hello Nemita – Had you performed the steps suggested by Ankit. Please update with details based on that we will able to help you quickly.

    – It seems you using offline media, attempt to deploy in another device as well.


    I can see that the Task Sequence is failing when applying osdwinsettings.exe ,

    If you go through the logs it shows that it is not able to completely Format the disk drive you are using.It clearly highlights the DriveCache is DIRTY , Try to run the diskpart manually by pressing F8 and then let the TS move forward.

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