Image created and task sequence recreated but distribution is kept on failing

  1. I have an issue. I am new to sccm. When I try to deploy osd, in first attempt image created and task sequence are distributed but I deleted those and recreated but distribution is keep on to fix this

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    Pradeep – Don’t be in a hurry while asking questions.

    Please provide more details

    Pls provide appropriate heading to the question

    Please provide details and screenshot or log details

    then only we can quickly help


    Hello Pradeep – Please try to explain more with details as suggested by Guru.

    If your content is failing to distribute – Try to Remove content from DP | Distribute the content again!

    Else you getting error during Task Sequence execution, Ensure all the associated packages to Task Sequence has properly distributed. Share logs or error code will be highly appreciable and easier to track!!

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    What error you are getting ? you may need to be more specific like errors, log etc for the forum to understand and help.

    As a standard checklist hope image, and all other content part of TS have been replicated to your distribution points.

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