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I want to know what is golden image,master image, base image & clone image… kindly anyone explain these and when can we use…? 

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    Thanks Anoop sir & Jitesh Sir


    Agreed with Anoop Sir 🙂

    Just to add basically Images fall in three categories – Thick, Thin, or Hybrid Images.

    You can go through the below link to know more about –,require%20a%20software%2Ddistribution%20infrastructure.


    It depends on the situation. But to be honest I don’t know… people use it as per the situation and each organization might use different terms for same thing 🙂 :-

    Golden Image = Master Image = Base Image = Clone Image this is also possible

    One possible scenario
    Golden Image = Master Image = Base Image – The image process for SCCM or MDT OSD

    Clone Image = This helped me to remember the Symantec Ghost image scenario which is not good for SCCM OSD.

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