Incorrect Management and Distribution point during OSD



Using SCCM Current Branch 2010.

1. One of the computer at USA New York and another computer at Switzerland, Arabia
2. There is one primary at USA
3. There are 20 Site System which host Management point role in USA region
4. There are 18 Site System which host Management point role in Europe region
5. I see that Proxy Management Point for a computer in USA contact the site system at Hungry at Europe Region
6. Also there is one Proxy Management Point role installed site system at Switzerland of Europe Region. Few computers contact proxy management point at Hungry at Europe Region
7. These computers are connected in Office network and reaches the correct AD Site and boundary group
8. Hungry site system is not mapped to boundary group of Switzerland and USA
9. Stopped the Hungary site SMS Executive service
10. Restarted SMS Agent service in few of the computers in other sites
11. Then other computers contact its own proxy management point
12. Computers are getting the correct boundary group and AD Site

Please help to find know why the computers in Switzerland and USA get the proxy management point which is at Hungary.
Because when the OSD happens in the computers at USA New York, Switzerland, Arabia those computer took the management point and distribution point as Hungary Management and Distribution Point instead of their one location management and distribution point.

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    Hello – Hopefully, you might have already resolved this issue. Closing the ticket. Feel free to comment if you have a feedback.


    Hello, What type of Boundaries are you using? Ensure you have no overlapping Boundary! how you have your AD sites set up

    Is it the first time you targeting the deployment in this region?

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      Hi Jitesh Kumar,
      Thank you for your update.

      Using AD Site related boundary
      Verified that there are no overlapping boundary
      Deployment is happening for the last 4 years

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