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Need someone experience in setting up ip helpers for pxe boot as we are trying to establish the same in our environment but having some issues.

Since we have our VLAN ranges and WDS server on different subnet and due to cost constraints we can’t set up a local WDS for this range we thought about going for up helpers for it .

It’s already configured on switched by our network team but need someone expertise with the below :

> after adding the vlan scope in our DHCP server do we still need to keep option 66 and 67 enabled or disable??
> if we implement ip helper from network side and keep the option 66 and 67 enabled at DHCP would it mess with the functionality?? Is it mandatory to get them disable??

> what are the changes we should be doing at DHCP side for this pxe boot using ip helper?


Arvind Dubey

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    Dear Anoop/Ankit,

    Thanks for your amazing support and hope to have your assistance going ahead too :).

    Arvind Dubey


    Dear Anoop,

    Need your guidence to i could implement the same and could close this thread :).

    Ankit Shukla: Hope you could share your experience in closing this.

    Arvind Dubey

  1. It’s always recommended to use iphelper instead of DHCP options in Corp environments

    I have seen it as more stable !

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      Hi Anoop,

      Thanks a lot for providing your precious time.

      So just wanted to confirm the below sequence is right as we are implementing the same in sequence:

      > Implement IP helper on switches .

      > Disable any scope options in DHCP cause that would be taken care of by IP helper. Specially option 60,66 and 67.

      >Only add VLAN ranges in DCHP server that’s it.

      If we keep IP helper and DHCP scope option both would it give us any issue while pxe booting ?

      Hope to have your guidence going ahead.



      Hi Ankit,

      Thanks a lot for the wonderful link :).

      Like i have requested for Anoop guidance above need the confirmation if the above sequence is right or am i missing something ?


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