Issue with Standalone media creation for offline OSD image


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  1. Ensure the copying drive has File System NTFS, has enough space in C directory which is default location for storing temporary data during media creation process.

    –> Use local drive as output location, On the Media Type, select CD/DVD set | Media size : unlimited.

    If still getting issue! upload the logs by hiding sensitive data using

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    I am creating standalone media creation for PC’s located at off-site. But getting timeout error that is attached from createTSMEDIA.log. This total standalone image size will be around 30 GB.

    Please suggest


      As per microsoft you can’t create media on a USB drive who content contains a file more than 4GB the application in size.Have you checked this?

      • As Ankit mentioned, you can’t use the WIM File having more than 4GB Size without splitting in UEFI USB Bootable Stick!

        It seems your Image exceeded the size and attempted to Split a Windows image (.wim) file into a set of 2-3 smaller (.swm) files.

        Review the guide –

        Could you please try to regenerate in another location and update us with details.


          Hi Ankit and Jitesh,

          Thank you for d response.

          Sorry i am not clear ..:)

          I created standalone media with CD\DVD option with media size is unlimited.

          my OS image size is around 6 GB and other required contents will be around 20 GB. So standalone will be around 26GB.

          Do you still wants me to reduce my OS image size?

          Kindly advice how can i create standalone image (without network access) then?


            Okay! Could you please change the media location and regenerate again with the help of guide which we had shared and update with complete logs incase you will encounter issues.


            HI Jitesh,

            I tried pointing the output folder location at both local drive on SCCM server and File server source path but result is same with error code 192 as below. Please suggest if we need to use USB drive instead of CD\DVD after selecting option standalone media?

            Log file:
            File splitting is required because file size exceeds max file size.
            Total file size is 6183330 kb, max ISO file size is 4194300 kb
            Loaded Windows Imaging API DLL (version ‘10.0.18362.1’) from location ‘C:\Program Files (x86)\Windows Kits\10\Assessment and Deployment Kit\Deployment Tools\x86\DISM\wimgapi.dll’
            Opening image file \\\SCCMContentLib$\FileLib\1FC7\1FC7016DE7A5ED1E09377C703D41D2A94DA69449515C1E1AA8800D389EF86D02
            Splitting \\\SCCMContentLib$\FileLib\1FC7\1FC7016DE7A5ED1E09377C703D41D2A94DA69449515C1E1AA8800D389EF86D02
            NextSwmSize= 4194300 kb
            Approximately 2 – 3 SWMs will be required
            CreateMedia.exe WaitForMultipleObjectsEx return code=192, GLE=0

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