network boot from VMware Vmxnet3

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    I’m trying network boot from VMware Vmxnet3, getting Dhcp but not properly directed to the WDS server.
    What could be the cause? Please advise me

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    That screenshot doesn’t help, unfortunately ..we need to have more info to help you more…

    Have you checked the resources I provided above

    Vishal explained how you can check this type of issues in the video

    Best answer

    Recently Pxe boot extended to our test VMs and we are getting error (attached screenshot in question).


    Are you trying to use unknown computer and PXE boot …can you share more details?

    More details –

    SCCM OSD Troubleshooting using SMSTS Log with Vishal | ConfigMgr #SCCM #ConfigMgr #MEMCM @VishalGoyel

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