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Need someone’s experience in dealing with an issue where we had identified that a specific model needed a NIC driver to be included in the boot WIm as it was unable to retain the IP during the WINPE stage and also was unable to download the variable made us to download the entire winpe packages and integrating that in the boot image. Now we have run into confusion before using this boot image across the whole production and need someone’s experience in clearing this out:

can a boot image with WINPE driver interrogated for a specific model work absolutely fine with another standard model that doesn’t need it ?

What is the best way to identify which NIC is needed to be added for a specific model to avoid other unnecessary NIC inclusion in the boot wim?

Would there be any driver conflict that we should be wrrried for ?

if we include the entire pack for NIC from the vendor website into a boot wim would it cover all the models of that specific vendor?

Hope someone’s experience can me figuring this out :).


Arvind Dubey

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    Hello Arvind,
    Yes the nic drivers can be included into boot.wim and it will work perfectly fine with both required and not required models.From the vendor website download the nic driver and import the nic drivers byextracting the exe and importing the inf file, lot of articles are available on how to import the drivers.Sometimes you have to compare the changes in inf file for example if two different models are there and both require the import of nic drivers then you can compare the inf file and import the common one if any.

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      HI Ankit,

      Thanks a bunch for taking out time to reply to my query :).

      Yeah just wanted to confirm that having multiple NIC injected in the same boot WIm should not result in the conflict that you have made absolutely crystal clear by sharing your experience :).

      Thanks for the confirmation and help. Hope to have your expertise in the coming time too with another query.

      Arvind Dubey

  1. Hello Aravind, Usually we need to add NIC drivers for models that’s not supporting with currently used Boot Image. (Specially for some models we may also need to inject touch pad drivers in WinPE as well)

    You can easily get drivers from Vendor site. There will be no conflict if you need the drivers for particular model.

    Before making any changes to production Boot Image, Its good to keep it separate and perform testing.


      HI Jitesh,

      Thanks a bunch for taking out time to reply to my query :).

      Also want to thank the wonderful explanation provided in getting this addressed. Hope to have your assistance in the coming time too with other queries.

      Stay safe and take care .

      Arvind Dubey

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