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HI Anoop/Everyone,

Hope all are doing great and safe!

Need your expertise regarding an issue that I haven’t faced but I guess I might have to get into it and need someone’s previous experience in doing it.

We have introduced a new Model HP Elitebook G7 in our environment and every time we are booting up this model if failing to do the PXE boot. We have checked the SMSTS log and it says the boot file failing to download boot.VAR that we are suspecting the issue is with the NIC driver and we might have to import it in the boot WIm to make it work. Now my question here is below:

If I need to add a driver into Boot.wim should I just download the driver package of latest WINPE10 version and import it into the boot wim and it would have the all the necessary drivers that is needed for any newly introduced model of HP?

Or should I just download the NIC driver of that Specific model and then import it into the boot wim?

How do I find out what is the correct NIC model supported for that model in WINPE? can someone help me out with their experience.


This is something new for me so I hope having someone experience really help in getting this done smoothly as I haven’t done this before.

Hope to hear back soon on this.


Arvind Dubey

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    HI Anoop/All,

    The thread is resolved :).

    I logged into the device and found it was using an Intel ethernet driver instead of a Realtek one.

    So the issue is resolved by closing this thread :). Hope to have your assistance going ahead with other queries :).

    Stay safe everyone and stay healthy :).

    Arvind Dubey

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