Organization name doesnt reflect in Task Sequence using PXE based OSD



I am running a Build & Capture TS where in the Organization Name is not getting displayed in the TS header. I have created a Custom Device Client Settings and have defined the Organization Name in Computer Agent Settings and have then deployed it to All Systems collection.

After defining the above setting, I set up my TS.

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Please advice. Thanks in advance!


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    Hello Jitesh,

    Thanks, my issue is resolved.

    I had one query regarding TFTP block and windows size. I was going through the documentation and it seems to increase the download speed of boot image over the network.

    The documentation provides the default value as 4096 (for block size) and 1 (for window size).

    What value would you recommend to have the best possible high performance without compromising on packet or data loss considering a general scenario?

    Thanks in advance! Rajiv

  1. Hello Rajiv, Had you tried to redistribute the boot Image ?

    Basically Organization’s name appears from Default Client Settings! Do the changes there and redistribute the Boot Image.

    Best answer

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