OSD Best Practices or What is the total maximum time requires to install OS ?


Dear All,

Need your expertise inputs.

How are you performing OSD deployment including 30+ application installations, Drivers, Language packages, Software Updates, User configurations.

Today in my infra, we will install OS via MDT Share path and remaining everything will come down from SCCM and it is taking minimum of 4 hours to complete the build.

Could you please share your inputs and guidance on how to manage multiple OS deployments in automated way.

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    To reduce the overall time you can follow below process , I have been using it and the Average time of build is 60 minutes.

    1. Offline service the image with security updates, if you install updates as a step in task sequence it will take time.

    2. Task sequence is like install OS, install drivers as driver package, machine domain join, installing sccm client, install application or packages,install custom settings etc.

    3. To reduce more time get a high end dedicated DP which will be only used for machine build.

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  1. It depends on many factors as you mentioned above

    – the apps you install part of OSD
    – Software update components enabled as part of OSD
    – Etc…

    what is the expected time required to complete OSD from your perspective?

    1 Hour?
    2 Hours?

    Can you try to remove apps and software update components – then test the OSD to understand how much time it takes?

    Did you already check whether the boot image or WinPE taking a long time?

    PXE server is local or remote ?

    The DP server is local or Remote?

    All these components should be analyzed…

    More analysis can be done using the method explained by Vishal


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