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Hi Everyone,

Dell Latitude 5410 model is creating problem while trying to image from USB bootable drive.. Laptop is bootup successfully from USB but task sequence failed during partition.

  1. when try to run list disk could not find any HDD drive, only found USB drive. see screenshot for the same.
  2. Can’t capture logs because no drive, no network is available, getting RTO while trying to pinging.
  3. the same image is working fine with 5400 model.

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Could you pls suggest what do i need to fix it?




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    Is the first time you are trying to deploy Dell Latitude 5410 model?

    Why am I asking? Just wanted to confirm whether you have already added the relevant network and disk drivers to boot image?

    X:\Windows\Temp\SMSTSLOG\SMSTS.log might have more details?


      Hi Anoop,
      Yes this is first time for Dell Latitude 5410 model..
      Do i need add all drivers in boot image ? if yes then i need to add all drivers to each and every models to custom boot image? if that’s case then need to add 10 different model which is very difficult and image size is also increased.
      In previous (old) models, have address drivers in task sequence not boot image that’s working fine..

      And, i am also worry, adding drivers for new model that would create problem like chance to corrupt image etc.. Can’t copy logs to anywhere beoz machine does not come to the network and can’t copy beoz no drives is available, pls suggest what we can do to fix it pls


        It’s difficult to support without getting more details from the log.

        It’s not recommended to add all the drivers. You just need to add some “special drivers” that are not supported by the default boot image etc…

        So you need to identify which driver is required to get this working. Network or SSD and then accordingly you can add that driver.


        What about running hardware diagnostic on machine first to check if HDD is visible and healthy?

        Best answer

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