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I got reports that my osd is failing at the appying OS step. This issue is occurring at one location with in a separate dp while my other location on a different DP is fine. I Looked in the smsts.log and I couldn’t find any failure as to what might be causing it. Anyone have any suggestions? I just redistributed the os and answer file but that didn’t help. I am getting a vm so I can look at the actual logs as I don’t know if they are being sent to me correctly to capture what is causing the failure.

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    looks like this has been resolved by the network team fixing our dhcp issue in that office.


    Are you able solve the issue ?


      I haven’t solved it. On mp works the other doesnt. It’s failing on the format drive which is very odd. If we manually format the drive then put the build down it works. We just converted our dhcp from bluecat to windows and it’s causing issues in this one office so I am hoping it might be causing all our issues for some odd reason.


    Yes you are on the right path of troubleshooting without much information on smsts.log … no one will be able to help unfortunately…

    More details about smsts.log troubleshooting here from Vishal



      they sent me the logs but they didn’t look right so i got them to take a picture of the logs and for some reason i am getting an error marking partitions active is only supported from MBR disk, unable to activate partition, failed to make volume c:\ bootable code 0x80004001

      i am doing a UEFI partition. with a disk type of GPT.

      could it be the drivers for the storage disk

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