OSD PXE boot failure goes into Loop


I am trying OSD via PXE.

VM Detects WDS server, downloads WIM file.

Task sequence begins but abruptly ends at “performing Network Operations”.

and goes into a loop beginning with PXE over IPV4.

After few loops, I get the below/attached error. Any suggestions

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    Hey Jitesh,

    Thanks for your reply.

    In SCCM Console, Enabling Command Prompt support for the boot image under customisation tab helped.

    Thanks Again !

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    Hello Arun, Had you tried to perform the deployment in Gen 1 VMs ✓. I faced this issue in VM. Lets Try.. as well clear the last deployment and attempt for fresh deployment.

    ✓Are you getting same issue in physical device ? most probably it occurs when device MAC is already listed in SCCM console.
    ✓Ensure Network adaptor is set properly for VM.
    ✓Check smspxe logs for details, let us Update

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