OSD Random application failed on few models


Failed application name:-

1:-MS office 365 pro.2:-Google Earth pro.,3:-Oracle peoplesoft.4:-Site Manager

It’s random behaviour

Task perform so far:-

1:-Re-distribute package,2:-Create new Office package,3:-Download latest driver.

Any Help appreciated

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Answers ( 3 )


    Change the order but that not helped


      Provide the more details, then only we will able to help you quickly. Its not generic issue, depends on environment and settings. How you trying and what you followed mention please 🙂


    Hello Barun, Is the same creating application working on all other models ?

    — Try to change the application installation order and check your observations.
    –Seems some added steps causing this.
    –Attach complete logs using https://snipboard.io/ by hiding sensitive info that help us to identify.
    –Make sure the DPs its pointing to properly distributed.

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