OSD Rebuild system with bitlocker and upgrade bios


I have added a bios upgrade to our OSD build. I as just notified that some rebuilds are requesting a bitlocker key upon reboot. so I have read the some dell models after a bios upgrade a bitlocker key is required if you don’t disable bitlocker first. so I am assuming this is what is causing my issue. I am formatting the drive, pre-provision bitlocker, laydown the OS, disable bitlocker (resume after 1st reboot), update bios, finish installing apps, reboot. then bitlocker comes up. i just added after the bios update a reboot. not sure if that’s will help. wondering if anyone has any suggestion as i think my steps might be wrong.

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    Check below article,

    it would be better if you can get the bitlocker detected first , suspend it do the BIOS update and then enable it if it is random issue.


    I am using the BIOS Upgrade package and do the same to first detect the bitlocker, suspend it and then upgarde it.

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  1. I have seen organisation suspend Bitlocker during upgrade

    Does that make sense to your scenario?


      that does make sense to me as that was what i was trying to do but it didnt work. i will mess around with it some more. just wanted to make sure i was on the right track.

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