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Hi, OSD is very slow just after joining a domaine ( not the same one as the DP) and it’s working well upto this step and reboot.

I Can see some traffic or authentification every 60, or 63secondes, only.

Same in smsts.log regarding traffic.

Anonymous authentification on the DP is not allowed in my company.

If I join the same Domain as DP it’s working well !

I suspect something regarding DHCP suffix ? Or IIS authent.

Please suggest anything, thanks a lot.



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    Tested in Anonymous and working great but i Can’t keep this setting.
    So authentification is my issue but I dont know what i Can check to solve this.

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    If possible attach the log file using https://snipboard.io/


    I Can add, that package download step, is very very slow.
    (6hours to download Office 2016 for example)
    And I Can’t move the join domain later in the TS.

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