OSD task sequence background.


during OSD i set a custom background that shows the users what step its on. for some reason after the OS applies the background doesnt come back. i was told there was a workaround but i cant seem to find the article on it. my google skills keep sending me to setting the windows background. i am looking for the OSD background. does anyone have the workaround and willing to share.

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    yes i do have the step. it is running it just hidden by a black screen. i am going to try the link that jitish supplied. i also cant see how to how to add a screen shot otherwise i would.


    i am using MDT integration with the set status command line cscript.exe “%deployroot%\scripts\ztisetbackground.wsf” /image:5


      Can you provide the screenshot of the TS? Do you have any Set Status step after Setup Windows and ConfigMgr step? If yes, can you check in the SMSTS.log if that particular step is executing successfully? If you are not able to find that you will have to provide me the log file and task sequence screenshot after the reboot.

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    Hello Joe, Could you please provide the more details. How you applied the OSD task sequence background.

    – Here’s one solutions By Jorgen https://ccmexec.com/2016/10/configuration-manager-osdbackground/


      jitesh thanks. i have the custom background working. But after the OS TS and windows installs i reboot. when the system comes up the background is just a black screen it wont display my custom backgrounds any more during the TS.


      Jitesh do you use jorgen’s solution at all? i am trying to use it finally got the background to work. but i cant use the set time part if fails. it creates the settimescript.log and says it cannot bind argument to parameter ‘date because it is null.

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