OSD Task Sequence Build and Capture fails in Prepare OS with Error code: Download failed 80190195


Hey Guys,

I have a lab environment running EM 2002 under HTTPS only mode.

I have a DC and a Site Server. I have configured PKI and I am try to run a Build and Capture Task Sequence to get a Windows 10 image.

I have imported RootCA cert in the Site Properties. I exported the Client PKI certificate from one of my Windows 10 client machine and imported it into my Bootable Media which I am using to boot a bare metal unknown computer and run the Build & Capture TS.

Note: When I imported the PFX client cert in the boot media creation wizard, it gave me a warning saying that the client certificate is already is use.

Everything goes fine, only after installing and initializing ConfigMgr client the TS fails in Prepare OS step. Looking at SMSTS.log, it is unable to download the Boot Image from MP due to some cert issues (I guess!). Below is the excerpt from the log:

Boot Image not found in local data cache at ‘C:_SMSTaskSequenceWinPEsourcesboot.wim’. Staging is required PrepareOS 28-08-2020 16:54:25 1760 (0x06E0)
ResolveSource flags: 0x00000000 PrepareOS 28-08-2020 16:54:25 1760 (0x06E0)
SMSTSPersistContent: . The content for package CEN00005 will be persisted PrepareOS 28-08-2020 16:54:25 1760 (0x06E0)
DownloadOnDemand flag is true. Attempting to download content locally for Package CEN00005. PrepareOS 28-08-2020 16:54:25 1760 (0x06E0)
Locations: Multicast = 0, HTTP = 2, SMB = 0. PrepareOS 28-08-2020 16:54:25 1760 (0x06E0)
Package Flags: 0x00000400 PrepareOS 28-08-2020 16:54:25 1760 (0x06E0)
Multicast is not enabled for the package. PrepareOS 28-08-2020 16:54:25 1760 (0x06E0)
Trying https://SERVER02.LION.COM/CCMTOKENAUTH_SMS_DP_SMSPKG$/CEN00005. PrepareOS 28-08-2020 16:54:25 1760 (0x06E0)
GetDirectoryListing() entered PrepareOS 28-08-2020 16:54:25 1760 (0x06E0)
Initializing HTTP transport. PrepareOS 28-08-2020 16:54:25 1760 (0x06E0)
Setting URL = https://SERVER02.LION.COM/CCMTOKENAUTH_SMS_DP_SMSPKG$/CEN00005. PrepareOS 28-08-2020 16:54:25 1760 (0x06E0)
Address=https://SERVER02.LION.COM, Scheme=https, Object=/CCMTOKENAUTH_SMS_DP_SMSPKG$/CEN00005, Port=443. PrepareOS 28-08-2020 16:54:25 1760 (0x06E0)
Using DP auth token for DAV resource request. PrepareOS 28-08-2020 16:54:25 1760 (0x06E0)
WinHttp credentials set. PrepareOS 28-08-2020 16:54:25 1760 (0x06E0)
CLibSMSMessageWinHttpTransport::Send: WinHttpOpenRequest – URL: SERVER02.LION.COM:443 PROPFIND /CCMTOKENAUTH_SMS_DP_SMSPKG$/CEN00005 PrepareOS 28-08-2020 16:54:25 1760 (0x06E0)
SSL, using auth token in request. PrepareOS 28-08-2020 16:54:25 1760 (0x06E0)
In SSL, but with no client cert. PrepareOS 28-08-2020 16:54:25 1760 (0x06E0)
In SSL, but with no media cert. PrepareOS 28-08-2020 16:54:25 1760 (0x06E0)
Error. Status code 405 – (Method Not Allowed) returned PrepareOS 28-08-2020 16:54:27 1760 (0x06E0)
dwHttpResultCode >= 200 && dwHttpResultCode <= 299, HRESULT=80190195 (..downloadcontent.cpp,939) PrepareOS 28-08-2020 16:54:27 1760 (0x06E0)
Http result: 405 PrepareOS 28-08-2020 16:54:27 1760 (0x06E0)
SendResourceRequest() failed. 80190195 PrepareOS 28-08-2020 16:54:27 1760 (0x06E0)
SendResourceRequest(), HRESULT=80190195 (..downloadcontent.cpp,624) PrepareOS 28-08-2020 16:54:27 1760 (0x06E0)
oDavRequest.GetDirectoryListing (setDirs, setFiles), HRESULT=80190195 (..resolvesource.cpp,3343) PrepareOS 28-08-2020 16:54:27 1760 (0x06E0)
Download() failed. 80190195. PrepareOS 28-08-2020 16:54:27 1760 (0x06E0)

Click to view the attached smsts.log

Thanks in advance.


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  1. Had you performed the suggested steps! Please update with details for further help


    Do you think there is a misconfiguration with the HTTPS based setup?

  2. If you try to build HTTPS sites then you need to select the appropriate configurations ..isn’t it

    There are two options to verify the download via http or https…

    1. IIS Logs on the DP/MP server
    2. SMSTS.log


    Yep, I tried distributing a legacy package to a client machine it downloaded the package executed fine.

    I noticed that during OSD, the machine is downloading the client package via HTTP. I have set to use HTTPS only under site properties. Is this something by design?

    How can I verify a file is getting downloaded using a HTTPS session from the DP?

  3. Error 80190195 translates to Method not allowed (405). Source: Windows…

    Which mean some communication is getting rejected while trying to download


    Everything works fine during the normal application installation scenarios?

    The issue is only with OSD scenario?

    You should also try PXE boot /OSD scenario without NAA account in your SCCM using eHTTP solution https://docs.microsoft.com/en-us/mem/configmgr/osd/plan-design/planning-considerations-for-automating-tasks#enhanced-http

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