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I just had the ask to do a OSD build similar to autopilot. we have autopilot setup and configured but not the ad connector. we are replacing a large amount of systems and with our current OSD wipe and reload it takes time. so management asked if we can just take out our step that wipes and formats the drive and just use what the systems are shipped with and lay everything else down in our TS. this is a stop gap until we get our AD connectors setup so we can join a machine to the domain through autopilot (this is a few months out).

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  1. Just to make sure I understand it correctly:

    1. You want to make sure all devices are autopilot ready?
    2. Why we have to avoid wipe and load? to reduce the time…how does that matter Autopilot will work only with OOBE screen?
    3. There are other options also to do Autopilot – Some of them are discussed here -> https://www.anoopcnair.com/repurpose-existing-devices-windows-autopilot/


      i am looking to do OSD similar to autopilot in a sense. i looking to take a machine from the vendor that has an OS on it already and either usb/pxe boot into sccm and laydown our build using the OS currently on the system. so i dont want to wipe and reload the OS on the system this is to save time as we have to roll out 600 systems. i dont know if its possibly to do it this way i am curious if it can be as I was just asked if it was possible to do it this way with sccm.

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