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So if I happen to use scope options 66 and 67 in my DHCP server for pxe and in case if I chose the remote wds server in option 66 even though I have the local WDS for that location, need to be confirmed on the below info :

does only my boot file would get picked up over wan from remote WDS server and other content after getting the system in WinPE and full-blown os would get picked from my local DP?? As in boundary, we have set the local DP as preferred ??

how does the system decide management point and distribution point in win PE I guess both of them are decided by boundary group allotment ??

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    Hi please can you be more specific? I am initiating OSD from running OS and I am not able to modify _SMSTSMP variable in any way…How exactly should look like the prestart command for boot image?


    HI Anoop,

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    Hope to have your valuable guidance with me going ahead too :).

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    Dear Anoop,

    Thanks a lot for your time and assistance and expertise.

    No, I haven’t used this script as a prestart command in boot image but sure would give it a try and see how it goes :).

    Just a confirmation I need to replace “” portion with the complete FQDN of the MP right?

    Arvind Dubey

  1. I have seen this answer .. did you already tried this to get the boot image from the nearest MP?

    Create a PowerShell script like this: $tsenv = New-Object -ComObject Microsoft.SMS.TSEnvironment;$tsenv.value(“SMSTSMP”) = “”.

    Add this script to the prestart option in the boot image you are using. this will set the SMSTSMP value to the correct MP.

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