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Hi Techs,

Please help me with the below situation.

One of our local IT has more machines which need to be re-imaged through SCCM. the build is fine up to 4 devices, when he tries to boot the 5th device it’s not getting an IP address.

the Local DP is Physical, How many devices we can build at a time?

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    Thanks to everyone, the Issue was resolved by extending the DHCP IP range.


    Check the DHCP scope that is serving up IP addresses for your imaging environment. Maybe you only have a small IP range defined/limiting IPaddress assignment.

    I once was imaging a large amount of PCs and even with a suitable ip range I ran out of addresses bc my leases didn’t expire.

    Best answer

    Getting below error message on PXE client

    pxe-e18 server response timeout

    Getting below message on smspxe log on DP (PXE client is not getting an IP)

    Operation: BootReply (2) Addr type: 1 Addr Len: 6 Hop Count: 0 ID: DD983B66
    Sec Since Boot: 0 Client IP: Your IP: Server IP: 010.240.xxx.xxx Relay Agent IP:
    Addr: c0:25:a5:e7:4d:77:
    Magic Cookie: 63538263

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