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our network team is switching DHCP from blue cat to windows DHCP. while on bluecat we had the network helpers 60, 66, 67 and next server setup. now that we switched to Microsoft dhcp PXE wont work. the only thing we haven’t added is the next server. the network team hasn’t been able to find a way to add that into windows dhcp. i am not even seeing anything in the pxe logs on the server so they arent even getting there. if we use a vlan still managed by bluecat  dhcp everything still works.

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    I have seen this problem on past and might be related to that.
    Check with network team if they are configuring DHCP snooping on network switches( which I think they will be).
    When you are sending UDP broadcast request from client to boot in PXE then the switch might be dropping the request.
    I think network team has to run a command line on that switch to add a relay trust to allow the packets.

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      I will check with them. Just odd that it works with our bluecat dhcp but when we switch to windows it stops. I don’t think they are changing anything on the switches but out of my knowledge but will check with them.


    You will able to get clue from network team on this! I am not much sure about networking part 🙂

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