PXE build issue with error “start PXE over IPV4 on MAC : *****


We are facing some issue when building with PXE, USB build is working fine.

Below error getting:pxe build issue - HTMD Forum - Welcome to the world of Device Management! This is community build by Device Management Admins for Device Management Admins❤️ Ask your questions!! We are here to help you! - PXE build issue with error "start PXE over IPV4 on MAC : *****

>>checking media presence………..

>media present……

>start PXE over IPV4 on MAC : *****

The issue is happening for all the devices, no error in smspxe.log even no record for the MAC ID of the client is reaching to smspxe.log.

Any help would be really helpful.

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  1. Hello Tanmay! I would like to check whether you’re targeting the deployment for very first time in all selected machines where you getting this issue?
    — Is Imaging not working suddenly?
    — You could take help of IPHelper and make sure no roadblock from Network end with help of your Network Team.
    — Is WDS Service is running.

    You can also review the points added in below thread, let us update with more details –

    PXE boot stuck on “Start PXE over IPv4” and not working after this message

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